Thukchuk Lachungpa acquitted in murder case

GANGTOK, March 23: The Sikkim High Court has dismissed the appeal of the State Government against Thukchuk Lachungpa and Sonam Chajor Lachungpa in a case related to death of one Dawa Tashi Bhutia, son of former Chairman Dadul Bhutia at Rey Khola, East District in May 2000.

A single bench headed by Chief Justice Aftab H. Saikia in its judgment on March 3, 2010 has ordered that “no case has been made out in this government appeal to disturb the impugned judgment and order of acquittal accordingly this appeal stands dismissed”.

Earlier, the Session Court (East and North) had acquitted the duo of charges on February 29, 2008 mentioning that “the prosecution failed to bring home the charges as against the respondents and also has not been able to prove all those charges beyond reasonable doubts”.

“I am happy that the fact has been prevailed and I have been proved not guilty in the court of law,” said Thukchuk Lachungpa while calling a press conference here today.

Without mentioning specific names, Mr. Lachungpa, who is also the president of Sikkim Citizen Forum said “the two overzealous IPS officers who misrepresented me in front of the public, government and the judiciary has now proved wrong.” “I still carry sympathy towards the family members of the victim even after 10 years of the incident,” he added.

SCF president also thanked all the people who supported him during the entire course of the case.

Source: Sikkim Express


Tenzin said...

ya Mr. Thukchuk Lachungpa you hant killed agya karma but you hav ordered one of your servants to kill him..... i am the witness...... and by the way i am also Lachungpa...... i fell so sorry that you have spoiled our clans name......