KURSEONG, 21 AUG: Extending solidarity to Anna Hazare’s anti-graft movement, All India Gorkha League (AIGL) leaders today said the party was always against corruption.

They said that their leader Madan Tamang was killed when he raised his voice against corruption.

The AIGL (Kurseong branch) general secretary, Mr Prem Bomjon, said: “The question of our not supporting Mr Hazare doesn’t arise. Our party has always been active against corruption and therefore, it goes beyond saying that we are supporting Mr Hazare’s movement and his demand for an effective Jan Lokpal Bill.”

Regarding Mr Roshan Giri’s announcement of the GJMM’s support for Anna, Mr Bomjon said: “The announcement made by Mr Giri in favour of Anna and his anti-corruption movement is appreciable but we have our doubts over it. Our party chief Madan Tamang was killed on 21 May, 2010 when he was in the process of disclosing huge corruptions within the DGHC that could have unsettled many.”

He added that in 2008, when the then DGHC caretaker, Mr Subash Ghisingh, was forced to leave the Hills by the GJMM, there was Rs 130 crore in the DGHC coffer. The DGHC also received Rs 400 crore per year. Later the Hills had also received Rs 1,000 crore as Aila funds. It is apparent to everyone here that the funds have not been utilised properly. Hence the authority concerned, including the three Hills MLAs, should inquire into the misuse of the funds.”

Mr Bomjon said not only the DGHC but the municipality authorities in the Hills are also steeped in corruption. He said that some people of the BPL category sold all their belongings and deposited Rs 25,000 with the municipality authority to obtain their new houses under the government scheme but so far, no one has been given any house and the municipality has also not returned their money.

Mr Bomjon said: “Earlier, under the banner of PDF, the AIGL had staged different programmes, including “Operation Bhandaphor” against corruption and we will do the same in future.”

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Gorkha Creed said...

I think every party in the hill should do this..