Darjeeling, May 22: Madan Tamang’s murder was a well-planned operation in which three places were attacked simultaneously, police said today.

Suspected Gorkha Janmukti Morcha supporters had allegedly launched simultaneous raids on the Clubside motor stand, where Tamang was hacked, his house on Gandhi Road, and the home of the convener of the front that has opposed the Morcha’s writ in the hills.

It was not a “spontaneous” expression of people’s rage as Morcha leader Bimal Gurung had claimed, the police said. “It was a well-thought-out plan by the Morcha to assassinate Tamang and terrorise its rivals,” said a senior police officer.

North Bengal IG K.L. Tamta had yesterday charged the Morcha with attacking Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League (ABGL) leader Tamang.

Today, Tamta said “even in my wildest dreams” he had not expected Tamang to be killed in broad daylight. “In the past, the Morcha had disrupted political meetings by getting its women’s wing activists to occupy the rivals’ dais…. But this was totally unexpected.”

Last night, ABGL general secretary Laxman Pradhan lodged an FIR accusing Gurung, his wife Asha and Morcha central committee members Roshan Giri, Harka Bahadur Chhetri, Pradip Pradhan, Ramesh Allay and Binay Tamang of criminal conspiracy. He put the murder charge on six Morcha youth leaders.

Putting together the versions of various eyewitnesses, the police said at least two, if not three, groups were involved in yesterday’s attack. While Tamang was being hacked, another group went to the home-cum-hotel of Dawa Sherpa, the BJP state secretary who is also the convener of the Democratic Front, and broke windowpanes and smashed a car.

Around the same time, people armed with khukuris and rods descended on Tamang’s home on the same road, 4km from Clubside. “A group attacked our house within minutes of the attack on my father,” said Tamang’s son Sanjyog. Sherpa demanded a CBI inquiry.

The police are trying to verify the antecedents of Sangay Yolmo, 33, and Subash Tamang, 53, who were hospitalised after Madan Tamang’s personal security guard, a state police constable, opened fire. Both are under sedation.

“We will verify their role and they could even be arrested,” said Tamta. “We are conducting raids on various places but some of the attackers may have crossed over to Sikkim.”

Gurung, who had yesterday alleged that the state government and the ABGL had plotted to kill Tamang to defame the Morcha, today added the Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxists (CPRM) and Sherpa to his list.

The hills shut down today, though no bandh had been called. Residents marched with candles praying for peace.


Source: The Telegraph


Darjeeling ko choro mo said...

Dekhne witnesses haru whose names we know, but would like to keep anonymous said, 200 sau bhanda jyada keta haru bhutia busty ko baato baata chade ko thiyo. 90% haru Tukvar ra Singla ko makachut goonda haru tiyo re. Sabai jana GJMM ko supporters ho bhanera chini sakeko cha janta le. Kati jana ta even Roshan Giri sanga vehicle ma dekheko thiyo hare. Aba Roshan Giri le kasari jhutlau cha you saacho kura.

GJMM le aba state, GNLF ani other parties lai blame garcha hola, kun aru party chahi thiyo hills ma jas ko yasto darlagdo goonda haru thiyo. Please, GNLF is long dead and other parties haru le kahile pani yasto kura garnu sakdaina thiyo, sakdaina pani.

Yo makachut goli lagne haru lai chowk bazar ma public dhulai dinu parcha. Police le public lai jimma dinu parcha.

Darjeeling ko janta lai dherai dherai dhanyabad. No body called out a strike or bandh, but the shutters remain closed and people literally weeped. Saacho janta ko support yes lai bhan cha. GJMM le junai murder pani janta le ris ma gareko bhancha. Janta bichara ta bali ko bhakra bhai sakyo.

GJMM turinunai parcha. Main pathlebaas ra Darjeeling town ma hune goonda haru lai aba yaad raknu parcha. Aba bhayo, jyada bhayo, Tukvar ra Singla ko Goonda haru ko athyachar Darjeeling maathi.